Chicken with basmatti rice easy recipe

Chicken with basmatti rice  
Chicken with basmatti rice easy recipe is very tasty dish to try for all family. If you want a more exotic touch you can add 3-4 tablespoons of soy sauce.
The ingredients we need: 
1 cup of rice basmatti 
2 cups chicken broth or water 
 1 onion (dry) 
1 pepper 
1 tomato (more mature) 
1 cup sweet red wine 
chicken breast (1 of 2 pieces) 
½ canned corn 
1 teaspoon mustard 
Salt and pepper 
In preparing Chicken with basmatti riceBoil the chicken broth and keep him to use it for rice.Cut the onions and peppers sliced tomatoes into cubes (as possible) and boiled chicken bites.Pour into a pan the wine with onion and leave it over medium-high heat slightly caramelized.After about 5 minutes it takes the road to the pan and tomato with a little oil. Let it get a two boils, with ketchup, mustard, salt and pepper.Last add the peppers, corn and chicken and let boil until the first (I prefer my vegetables to understand and not melted by the cooking). Boil rice in chicken broth in the well-known methods and either toss with the sauce as I did, or serve rice in the dish and pour the sauce over the chicken.