Spaghetti with meat sauce easy recipe

Spaghetti with meat sauce
Have you ever wondered why your pasta is not like the one your mother did? Why it does not resemble with  that your mother cook?  So what makes such a common food vary from one cooker to another?In my opinion, are the herbs we use.Cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, tarragon, basil, marjoram and a host of other, completely changed the taste of meat.

Big difference is made when you prepare the sauce with fresh tomatoes instead of canned tomatoes.Some people add to the sauce of minced various other materials, such as peppers, mushrooms, carrots, etc.So I give you my own recipe and i sure you will adore this food!

Ingredients to use. 

-One package pasta of your choice 
Half-pound of ground beef

-1 Large onion, chopped 
-2 To 3 cloves garlic slices 
-4 To 5 ripe tomatoes or a box of chopped tomatoes 
- ¾ cup, tomato sauce

-1 Cup white wine 
-2 Sticks cinnamon 
Half-teaspoon sugar 
-1 Cup chopped parsley 
-Salt-PepperHow to prepare meal:Boil the pasta, strain and Grease and Grease.Leave them aside and prepare the meat sauce.Saute onion in olive oil and garlic.

Chicken with ginger and orange recipe

Chicken with ginger and orange recipe
This Chicken with ginger and orange recipe is from a friend of mine, who often come and go in Italy and stocked with Italian recipes. The recipe as i said the Italians often make friends, but also the same. And understood that I put my own twist by adding curry and lots of cognac, which did not exist in the original recipe and potatoes which got a very nice aroma and taste of various spices.The special flavor of this dish is that cooked without any water, only with the juice of citrus fruits is fantastic.

1200 gr. fillet of chicken in bite pieces 
4-5 potatoes 
1 large onion, chopped 
2 large oranges (juice and peel them) 
1 lemon (juice and peel) 
1 small ginger root, grated (if you put powder, but the flavor is less intense) 
2 tablespoons curry 
garlic powder 
coriander, etc. 
chopped parsley 
salt and freshly ground pepper 
half cup of brandy 
How to cook: 
In a deep pot I threw the potatoes in chunks and sauté in olive oil to get some color. I took with the slotted spoon and leave aside.

Lemon chicken in the pot

Lemon chicken in the pot
Another way of cooking chicken is with lemon into the pot.
Ingredients we need: 

 chicken, cut into small portions 
1 tablespoon salt breaking 
half a tablespoon of crisp pepper 
7-8 tablespoons olive oil 
a glass of wine, freshly squeezed lemon juice 
2 medium onions, chopped 
Let'scook  it: 
Cut and wash the chicken, sprinkle with a little vinegar and put itself in a saucepan.

Fish salad recipe

Fish salad recipe
Whenever I make this fish salad i get taste satisfaction, i always try out different versions such as: to add olives, peas, celery etc.

What we need 

About 700 gr. fillet of fish or large fish for boiling 
15-20 shrimps
2 medium potatoes 
2 small carots
2-3 green onions 
5-6 gherkins pickles 
1-2 tablespoons capers 
some chopped green pepper 
lots of dill 
and sauce 
500 ml mayonnaise (a medium jar) 
2 heaping tablespoons of ketchup (if desired) 
lemon juice 

Chicken with basmatti rice easy recipe

Chicken with basmatti rice  
Chicken with basmatti rice easy recipe is very tasty dish to try for all family. If you want a more exotic touch you can add 3-4 tablespoons of soy sauce.
The ingredients we need: 
1 cup of rice basmatti 
2 cups chicken broth or water 
 1 onion (dry) 
1 pepper 
1 tomato (more mature) 
1 cup sweet red wine 
chicken breast (1 of 2 pieces) 
½ canned corn 
1 teaspoon mustard 
Salt and pepper 
In preparing Chicken with basmatti riceBoil the chicken broth and keep him to use it for rice.Cut the onions and peppers sliced tomatoes into cubes (as possible) and boiled chicken bites.

Seafood Risotto recipe

Risotto with seafood recipe
This risotto is delicious, we can select the fish we like to add or remove from our food. Cook this recipe for your friends and impress them.
INGREDIENTS (4 servings) 

8 large mussels on the half shell (in s / m in frozen) 
500 gr. shelled clams (frozen) 
10-12 shrimp (frozen, medium size) 
4 ripe tomatoes, minced in multi 
2 medium onions 
1-2 cloves garlic (optional) 
plenty of chopped dill 
4 tablespoons olive oil 
2 tablespoons ouzo 
1.5 cup rice type granular America, not glossy 
salt and pepper (or freshly or granules) 
half teaspoon paprika 
2 tablespoons toasted pine nuts 
Rinse very well all the mussels and shrimp and place in a saucepan with the oil, onion, garlic and dill. 

Spinach Salad recipe

Spinach Salad recipe
 I tried this Spinach Salad recipe few years ago and since then it became my favorite.It is one of the tastiest salads i've tried and i suggest you to try this unconditionally.I'm sure you will enjoy it!
But we must warn you ... it may seem simple, but it is somewhat bothersome because it has several ingredients.
Gather all ingredients before starting to makes, wash and cut vegetables that contain the salad.The quantities we will arrange for you, depending on how much salad you want to make.Usually when I have quests for meal, i put about 400 grams of fresh spinach and is a great salad for all.We need the following ingredients: 

Fresh Spinach (leaves without any hard parts) 
Spring onions 
Stuffed olives, pickled 
Cucumber pickles 
Colorful Peppers (green-red-orange) 
Black Raisins 
Golden raisins 
Cheese cubes and lime parmesan 
A handful of sesame seeds 
Olive oil 
Balsamic Vinegar 

How to cook our salad:Wash and chop spinach and green onions.Cut the peppers into strips.