Chicken with ginger and orange recipe

Chicken with ginger and orange recipe
This Chicken with ginger and orange recipe is from a friend of mine, who often come and go in Italy and stocked with Italian recipes. The recipe as i said the Italians often make friends, but also the same. And understood that I put my own twist by adding curry and lots of cognac, which did not exist in the original recipe and potatoes which got a very nice aroma and taste of various spices.The special flavor of this dish is that cooked without any water, only with the juice of citrus fruits is fantastic.

1200 gr. fillet of chicken in bite pieces 
4-5 potatoes 
1 large onion, chopped 
2 large oranges (juice and peel them) 
1 lemon (juice and peel) 
1 small ginger root, grated (if you put powder, but the flavor is less intense) 
2 tablespoons curry 
garlic powder 
coriander, etc. 
chopped parsley 
salt and freshly ground pepper 
half cup of brandy 
How to cook: 
In a deep pot I threw the potatoes in chunks and sauté in olive oil to get some color. I took with the slotted spoon and leave aside.I threw the onion also get the added color and bites from the steak and chicken to cook them. Erased with cognac. I added the juice of two oranges and lemon, herbs and let simmer. Half hour before finally threw in the pot and potatoes, and peel from oranges and lemon (in pieces). Water did not need to put it, cooked the food in the citrus juice and cognac.If your oranges are very juicy, add the juice of another orange.The end result was a very fragrant and tasty dish.