Spinach Salad recipe

Spinach Salad recipe
 I tried this Spinach Salad recipe few years ago and since then it became my favorite.It is one of the tastiest salads i've tried and i suggest you to try this unconditionally.I'm sure you will enjoy it!
But we must warn you ... it may seem simple, but it is somewhat bothersome because it has several ingredients.
Gather all ingredients before starting to makes, wash and cut vegetables that contain the salad.The quantities we will arrange for you, depending on how much salad you want to make.Usually when I have quests for meal, i put about 400 grams of fresh spinach and is a great salad for all.We need the following ingredients: 

Fresh Spinach (leaves without any hard parts) 
Spring onions 
Stuffed olives, pickled 
Cucumber pickles 
Colorful Peppers (green-red-orange) 
Black Raisins 
Golden raisins 
Cheese cubes and lime parmesan 
A handful of sesame seeds 
Olive oil 
Balsamic Vinegar 

How to cook our salad:Wash and chop spinach and green onions.Cut the peppers into strips. Use peppers of all colors, the color is striking result emerges.In a deep bowl, put spinach, onions and peppers. Add the sliced olives, cucumbers pickles into cubes, black and blond raisins.Add the cheese and add the sesame seeds, it must absorb any liquid salad.Whisk in olive shaker, balsamic vinegar and salt and pour over the salad us. Mix well.Just before serving, add the croutons.