Chickpeas recipe

Chickpeas recipe
This Chickpeas is healthy and suitable for all family.
 For this tasty Chickpeas recipe we need:
½ pound peas (one packet) 
1 onion, peeled and carved in the four 
6 tablespoons olive oil 
1 tablespoon salt 
half teaspoon pepper 
some baking soda 
Pour enough water into a saucepan and add the peas. We leave about 8-10 hours (ideal is if the cook in the morning to slow than we put in water). Then strain and return them in the pot and rub thoroughly with baking soda to leave the peel. T 'so leave it 2 hours. After the rinse very well, ie 3-4 times and drain.In a saucepan heat water and add to boil for 15 minutes, you will need to skim.Strain to leave and yellowness and Replace water in saucepan to heat up. Once warmed up - no need to boil - add the chickpeas, olive oil, onion, salt and pepper.Boil at least an hour, trying everything to see if they are ready. When you see that we made, we take the pot half a glass of juice and beat with the juice of half a lemon.The pour and stir the food to go everywhere and extinguish the fire.When the chickpeas are cooked, but we have not chylosei-and this happens sometimes - dissolve a tablespoon of cornflour in half cup water and add to pot. Stir and let it boil. In this way we will have a chylomeno zoumaki.Serve with lemon, freshly ground pepper, plenty of homemade bread.