Hot dogs

Hot dogs
Do you like Hot dogs, but do not want to buy them from outside because you do not trust their quality? What stops you make to yourself? Certainly nothing! So,  thought this, for several years, do it yourself!

12 Frankfurt sausage or turkey sausage
 12 oblong soft bread from the supermarket 
5 tablespoons olive oil
 2 glasses of water, water
 1 large onion, grated on coarse side of grater
 2 tablespoons tomato paste(2-3 or crushed tomatoes or tomato juice)
 3-4 whole cloves
 3-4 spiceslittle red pepper(And a very strong taste buds a little Tabasco)

 What we do? In a wide saucepan saute onion with oil and tomato paste. Add the water and put the sausages and add salt, pepper and spices. Boil for about half an hour until the sausages are ready and sufficiently thick sauce.Score across the rolls in half on one side and put them at 200 degrees in the air for about 10 minutes (equal to warm).If we want before we put in the oven, place cheese or slice of toast - to melt as much as you warm the bread.Remove the bread (plain or with cheese) from the oven and place in a little sausage and sauce.Usually we have from mustard and next ..... chips, is the ultimate binge