New Year's cake recipe

For this year try this Christmas recipes at the New Year's dinner.

250 g butter
 2 cups sugar
 7 eggs (separated the yolks from the whites)
 3 vanilla
 500-700 g flour for all purpose,
sifted1 tbsp of cognac 
1 cup of brown whiskeyzest 
and juice of 2 large orangesBaking powder 
1 piece of paper.
 The ingredients are at room temperature
OutturnBeat butter and sugar until light.Add one to one egg yolks, vanilla, juice and zest.Beat the egg whites meringue and pour slowly - slowly in the mixer that we have lowered the speed, not to deflate.Add the cognac, whiskey, baking with the flour and stir well.Place in a medium baking sheet pan, pour the mixture and bake at 180 degrees in the air for about ¾ of an hour ie behave like an ordinary cake.When cooked remove the cake from the pan and leave on a wire rack to cool, remove the paper underneath and sprinkle with icing to pour over a sourotiraki or a small sieve or a achnorichti.If we cut the numbers in , put up the pie and fill the gaps with cinnamon.