Turkey stuffing

Turkey stuffing
Christmas is coming my friends and tradition says that at the Christmas dinner table we have turkey or chicken stuffed for those who prefer it.In our family i can imagine Christmas without turkey, but not stuffed just can't be.I'll give you the recipe of the filling I make for years now, I have not changed in the slightest, because everyone likes it.Suffice to say, that we are invited to Christmas, the filling always expect from me.
We need: 

1 pound of meat 
1 large onion 
20 chestnuts 
1 cup golden raisins 
1 cup black raisins 
1 handful of walnuts coarsely 
100 gr. pine 
2 cups chicken broth or water 

Salt and pepper 
The direction on how to cook Turkey stuffing:In a saucepan with plenty of water, boil the chestnuts are tender.We can do the day before.Peel the chestnuts and set aside.Saute in olive oil, onion slices.Add the minced meat and fry him, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon.Add the broth or water and all remaining ingredients.Lower the heat and allow the filling to cook for half an hour with the lid.The filling is done when you have absorbed all liquid.In filling maker not add livers and rice, some people prefer, we do not.If you need to reheat, put in a Pyrex glass and heat it in the oven, covered with a foil.As you can see is a very easy recipe, try the Christmas table and I'm sure it will extract only good comments!