Octopus stew easy recipe

Octopus stew easy recipe
What's better than a freshly-caught octopus!A very tasty way of cooking is the stew.To prepare this Octopus stew easy recipe we need: 
1 pound octopus 
Half a cup of coffee, vinegar 
7-8 tablespoons, olive oil 
2 tablespoons tomato paste 
4-5 onions  
2 bay leaves


little rosemary 
2 cloves garlic 
We gather our materials and we go:Cut octopus into small pieces wash well.Put together the vinegar in a small pot and boil for no quarter.Once you pass the fourth put the fire a pot in which a finely chopped onion and saute with olive oil.Then add the tomato paste and octopus with zoumaki it. The 3-4 walks bring along with other materials.Add 4-5 cups of water, half teaspoon pepper, garlic, bay leaves, rosemary and leave to cook 20-25 minutes.When the octopus is misovrasmeno cut into strips and narrow the remaining onions and add to food.Boil for another 20 minutes or so to try and understand that it is cooked according to our tastes.If necessary, add pepper and salt very carefully.But you can arrange to have warm breadAs you can see why the wait saltsoula pareitsa