Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed Mushrooms

I decided to create a recipe with mushrooms, but because it seemed too simple, I thought half of the package to make stuffed with feta cheese, while the result was very good again I was not happy, so after about a week i rebuilt and here are the results ... We need:

500 gr mushrooms (1 package in the blue packaging champion)

½ roasted red peppers

50 gr feta cheese

50 gr ricotta

100 gr yogurt (half a bowl of strained 2%)

2 pieces of sun dried tomatoes



2 teaspoons oil

2 teaspoons white balsamic vinegar

The feta and ricotta cheese is grated, pepper cut in strips, the sundried tomatoes and chopped dill. The peppers I used were from jar to sit it difficult to bake half only for the purposes of prescription. I also think that if you replaced the peppers with fresh tomato, the result will be as nice or better yet. How do we make: Wash the mushrooms thoroughly and carefully remove the base in order to make room for the filling. Place in a pyrex and prepare the gemisi.Se a bowl add the feta cheese, ricotta and yogurt and stir. Then add the tomato, dill (as we like, but not excessive, just for the smell), oil, vinegar, pepper and stir again. Stuff the mushrooms and decorate with a piece of pepper for a more beautiful color apotelesma.Psinoume the grill and our good mood ... In the pan the mushrooms pulled water. Ignore it, and I got him on a plate. The materials say, I filled quite rich, not stingy 17 mushrooms and a little filling left over which I ate along with a bun Thessaloniki that I had brought my good.